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 Meyer Developmental Center!

Better Together

Our Services

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ABA Therapy

Focus Behavioral Associates serves and supports the behavioral needs of children and adults with autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, and other behavioral disorders.


Pediatric Therapy

We currently provide speech, occupational and feeding therapy. We can treat anything from language disorders to dysphasia and swallowing disorders.


Reading Intervention

If your child struggles with reading or just needs a little help, our certified teacher with over 30 years of experience can help.

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Inclusive Private School

CTEA is an inclusive private school for PreK 3 through 3rd grade focusing on developmental milestones and smaller class sizes. 

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Lactation Consultant

Bliss Breastfeeeding is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a registered nurse that provides home-based lactation support.


Educational Advocacy

Our education specialists provide support and knowledge to parents of children in the special education system. We offer IEP reviews and ARD participation.



STARRY nurtures children, strengthens families, and restores hope by providing supportive services through trauma-informed Counseling, Family Support, Fatherhood, and Foster Care/Adoption services.

Our Approach

Neurodivergent children commonly need more than just one type of intervention. The Meyer Developmental Center pledges to bring as many developmental specialties under one roof as possible. We are giving parents and caretakers peace of mind as they no longer will have to travel between offices and clinics. All of their child's needs are met in one location. 

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