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About Our Partners

Your Child Is in Great Hands!


At Grace Therapy and Educational Services, you will find a group of individuals with huge hearts that genuinely love what they do! We enjoy getting to know all of our clients and their families as we take them down their therapy journey to success.

We provide child-led speech therapy, reading intervention, feeding therapy, and educational advocacy in a loving, and family-centered environment for both children and adults. Our highly trained staff strives to provide our patients with the best care possible.

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FOCUS uses Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) strategies which are beneficial for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Intellectual Disabilities, and other developmental disabilities.

You will find value in the services at FOCUS if you have a need for any of the following: behavioral management, self-management, communication skills, social skills, life skills, and job skills training.

We also have several programs benefiting family members and professional caregivers of our clients.

From the first time a client walks through the doors, he/she is assigned to a FOCUS Family Team. The Team will consist of BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), RBTs (Registered Behavior Technician), and a certified Special Education Curriculum Director.  We believe this FOCUS Family Team approach provides the most supportive environment for our client’s greatest success.

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We understand the difficulties neurodivergent children may face in the public school system. With a faculty of developmental specialists with numerous years of experience and education, we are specifically designed to meet any need a child may have. Our approach can be individualized for each student. With a student-to-teacher ratio of no larger than 6:1, parents can be confident their child is not being neglected or left behind.

Administrator's Message:

Hi! My name is Emily Meyer, and I am first and foremost a speech pathologist. My passion to help children succeed in education led to opening Grace Therapy and Educational Services, a pediatric therapy company.


We saw the need of a private school in Central Texas that specialized in small class sizes and individualized needs. We thrive to know each and every child individually that walks through our doors. You can count on our staff trying their absolute best to help your child succeed. 

STARRY offers comprehensive counseling and family support, rooted in professionalism and guided by grace and love. In our Fatherhood Program we take a father positive approach to champion the work that dads are doing. We also provide therapeutic support to foster children, foster families, and biological families through family engagement services and case management services. All of our programs have passionate and skilled staff who share the belief that our communities deserve an invested, trauma-informed, and high-quality agency to walk alongside families as they learn and grow. We hope you will learn more and partner with us!

STARRY's main office are located at:

2027 S 61st St #100B, Temple, TX 76504

STARRY can be reached at: 

(254) 773-5802

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Bliss Breastfeeding provides breastfeeding and lactation support and assistance in your home. Kristin Hull is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Registered Nurse. 

Kristin believes that breastfeeding is a very rewarding and bonding experience. However, it may not always start out or feel that way.  Her philosophy is that by providing services in the comfort of your home, on your time, in your environment, she can better assist you in achieving and exceeding your breastfeeding goals.


Kristin can be contacted at:

Ph: 512-573-5456


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