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What Makes Us Different:

We understand the difficulties neurodivergent children may face in the public school system. With a faculty of developmental specialists with numerous years of experience and education, we are specifically designed to meet any need a child may have. Our approach can be individualized for each student. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1, parents can be confident their child is not being neglected or left behind.

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Creating an inclusive environment to provide the tools and support for children to succeed!


AT CTXEA, we teach all the core academics that your child would receive in public school, with a more individualized approach and smaller class sizes.

Our Kinder through 3rd grade classes are taught by a state-certified teacher with more than 30 years of experience with a variety of children. Our Lead Teacher is Ms. Carol, who specializes in reading development. 

Our Preschool classes follow a curriculum that introduces numbers, letters, and colors as well as begins to establish structured activities and routines. 

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Tuition and Enrollment

Kinder through 3rd grade: $900 per month

PreK 3/4 Full Time: $700 per month

PreK 3/4 Part Time: $400 per month

*Part time is 2 days/week either M/W or T/Th*

No registration or supply fees


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